Activation Status: No Activation at this time.

.            Request your participation in nets and Metro District ARES Net (old Hospital Net) first Thursday at 12:30.

Welcome to the Washington County ARES  website (ARES Unit 163MN01).... Face - to -face ARES activities are in suspension until further notice due to Covid-19....Summer is over and fall rains and flooding become a concern. Fall storms also require watching. Lightning can strike up to 30 miles away from a storm and can travel through pipes, wires or the ground or ground structures for a surprising distance. Seek shelter in the event of a lightning storm........Check the two ARES Digital Nets in Minnesota and participate; SARA Digital Fusion Net on Sunday Evening;  Info under the Events tab gives details.....60 Meter Interoperability exercises scheduled = see events tab and participate with us!!....The 147.180 Repeater is running at the Newport site (PL 74.4) and Forest Lake site(PL 100); we use this repeater for drills and activations. This covers the entire county and is in our WashCoARES Emergency Communications Plan... Support our Amateur Radio Clubs through your participation. 

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Amateur Radio Emergency Services