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Welcome to the Washington County ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Services) website (ARES Unit 163MN01)... Good time to prepare for TORNADOES in Minnesota. Make/Review your family response plan; radios ready and power sources charged; Be Weather Aware.. Data shows 77% of TORNADOES occur in Minnesota in May (15%), June (37%), and July (25%)!! Be Prepared!!... EC Joe reinstates the WASHCO ARES monthly net starting April 20th at 1900 Local on 147.180. See "Our Nets"  for details and join us!! ....Check the EVENTS and NEWS tabs for upcoming events & news....Check in to the Metro District ARES Net (Old Hospital Net (146.700, PL 127.3) Check in by hospital, EmComm group or as individual amateur radio operator. SEE OTHER NETS Tab for details ....Check the three ARES Digital Nets in Minnesota and participate; (1)SARA Digital Fusion Net on Sunday Evening;  Info under the Events tab gives details.(2) MN Digital ARES Net using FL DIGI, Olivia 8-500, Thursday, 8 pm, 3.583.50 USB.(3) SEMARC Winlink VHF P2P Net on Wednesdays after 2meter FM Net....The 147.180 Repeater is running at the Newport site (PL 74.4) and Forest Lake site(PL 100); we use this repeater for drills and activations. This covers the entire county and is in our WashCoARES Emergency Communications Plan... Support our Amateur Radio Clubs through your participation. 

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