Events in Woodbury

On this page, you can find out for yourself about what is going on with MN WASHCO ARES, MN Section, Washington County.   

2019:  March 12; All ARES Member Meeting, Woodwinds Hospital, 6:30 PM

April 17,  Weather Preparation Drill - Regular Net time

May 22, Hands-On-Training for REP Drill

June 19, REP Relocation Drill, 5 PM, Park HS, Cottage Grove

July 20, Mobile and Go-Kit Show-N-Tell and BBQ, Edgewater Park, Woodbury

June - October, Marathons, parades, and other public service events, on your own schedule and sign-up

Sept. 21, MNWASHCOARES Simulated Emergency Test (SET), focus on digital messaging and message handling

Each First Thursday at 12:30 PM, Metro District ARES Net, 146.700, PL 127.3

Nets: as per above pages: "Our Nets" and "Other Nets"


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